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Intelligent suggestion prioritization

This feature optimizes the order of suggestions by queries the user has inputted and suggestions the user has selected in the past.




It needs to enable a โš™๏ธ Enable Intelligent Suggestion Prioritization option.

Sort orders

  • The last selected suggestion, by each input, is always at the top (Since v7.2.0)
  • Otherwise, it sorts order by scores that calculate using the following formula
<Selected count> * <Bonus>

Selected count

The number of times a word is selected. The histories will be removed depending on the following settings.


Last selected Magnification
Within a minute 8
Within an hour 4
Within a day 2
Within a week 0.5
Within a 30 days 0.25

Where is the user's selection history recorded?

Since v8.2.0

It recorded in ๐Ÿ“š Histories.

Prior to v8.2.0

It recorded in data.json.